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Safety & Quality Control

Walthall Oil Company understands that the quality of the product you receive depends on our adherence to proper storage and handling procedures, driver safety, quality control regulations, and integrity testing. This aspect of our business is essential to helping customers maximize performance and efficiency.

Committed to Safety

Walthall Oil Company employs a full-time Safety and Quality Control Director to ensure:

  • Our procedures are compliant with OSHA regulations
  • Our drivers are compliant with DOT regulations
  • We are following ExxonMobil’s strict quality control procedures

Walthall Oil Company conducts monthly safety and product quality meetings to keep our employees updated and informed on all industry changes. Each of our drivers has excellent safety records with years of experience. Walthall Oil Company also has its own maintenance team to keep our equipment and delivery fleet in excellent operating condition to serve our customers better. Additionally, each truck is equipped with the latest spill prevention and remediation equipment to take care of any need.

Committed to Quality Control

Walthall Oil Company is committed to providing quality products that perform as promised. We believe that the fluids that go into our customers’ equipment are only as good as the supplier that provides them. Therefore, we implement strict quality control procedures to ensure our products maintain the highest quality standards. Through ExxonMobil, a few of these quality control processes include:

  • Every Walthall Oil Company plant undergoes an annual audit
  • We test every bulk delivery we receive before it’s stored at our plants
  • We have continuous training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends

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Quality Management through Proper Storage and Handling

We understand that the lubricants and fluids you use are the life-blood of your equipment. As part of our quality management program, we ensure that all products are handled, labeled, and dispensed correctly throughout each phase of the delivery process.