Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles

While Walthall Oil Company is proud to offer a full line of premium Mobil DelvacTM commercial lubricants for commercial and off-highway vehicles, our customers also find unmatched value in the variety of equipment and technical services we can provide. These services include:

We are proud to supply commercial lubricants to a variety of CVL and off-highway industries such as trucking, agricultural, mining, construction, rail, and more. Our delivery capabilities include case goods, 55 gallon drums, bulk lubricants, and more. Walthall Oil Company offers products ranging from engine oils and hydraulic oils to gear oils and greases. Walthall Oil Company’s strategically placed locations, paired with our use of wireless tank monitors, allow us to make the most efficient and timely deliveries for our customers.

Commercial Lubricants

Walthall Oil Company has partnered with ExxonMobil to provide high quality Mobil Delvac products designed to increase fuel economy, protect your equipment investment, and reduce emissions.

Increasing Fuel Economy

As equipment ages, deposits and wear accumulate resulting in a decrease in equipment efficiency. Low viscosity, fully synthetic, Mobil Delvac engine oils can help support engine efficiency and enhance fuel economy potential by decreasing engine friction and offering exceptional flow characteristics at low temperatures.

Protecting Your Equipment Investment

The reliability, performance, and lifetime of your vehicle’s driveline ultimately depend on an extremely thin lubricant film that separates moving parts and reduces friction. By selecting the appropriate Mobil Delvac heavy-duty engine oil, you can help protect your engine from the harmful effects of soot and other contaminants.

Reducing Emissions

Mobil Delvac heavy-duty engine oils are designed to lubricate and protect modern, low-emission engine designs. These diesel engine designs often include low oil consumption rates, use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction and sometimes diesel particulate filters.

Off-Highway Vehicle Lubricants

Walthall Oil Company and ExxonMobil understand that today’s construction industry relies on bigger and more powerful equipment operating under heavier load conditions than ever before. But in an industry characterized by critical deadlines and tight budgets with competitive bids, construction businesses cannot afford unscheduled downtime. That is why many leaders in the industry rely on Mobil branded lubricants to maximize the performance of their equipment.

Whether you are working with haul trucks, scrapers, motor graders, or tractors, you need high performance commercial lubricants to maintain vehicle uptime. You can rely on Mobil-branded lubricants and Walthall Oil Company for innovative products and services, expert technical advice, training, and trouble-shooting for all your applications including:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Hydraulics
  • Differentials and final drives
  • Grease points
  • Gear Reducers

Our clients value our dedication to their business’ success and how our cutting edge engine oils, transmission fluids, greases, hydraulic oils, and gear oils protect their equipment investment and reduce their total cost of ownership.

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