Walthall Oil Company’s partnership with ExxonMobil allows us to provide our clients with the best-performing synthetic oil in the industry – Mobil SHCTM. We proudly steward the synthetic oil needs of a wide array of industries including energy, process, off-highway, mining, primary metals, manufacturing, and pulp and paper. Our delivery capabilities include cases, pails, kegs, drums, and bulk synthetic lubricants. Walthall Oil Company’s strategically placed locations, paired with our use of wireless tank monitors, allow us to make the most efficient and timely deliveries of synthetic oil for our customers.

Our customers also find unmatched value in the other services we can provide. These services include:

About Mobil’s SHC Synthetic Oil

Mobil SHC synthetic oil is raising the bar of what is possible in industrial lubricant technology by helping to enhance service life of machine components, promote long oil-drain intervals and minimize unscheduled equipment down time. Mobil SHC lubricants offer long oil life and can extend equipment life, creating less waste and potential energy savings while helping increase worker safety by minimizing potentially hazardous maintenance.

Other advantages include:

  • high-temperature capability
  • excellent resistance to oxidation
  • low-temperature flow properties
  • protection against wear

Contact Walthall Oil Company for Synthetic Oil Solutions

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