Purchasing Agent of a Large Sawmill

What do I tell those who ask me why we use Walthall Oil Co…. A year and a half ago I took over the purchasing department at a large sawmill in GA. My first goal was to make sure we were not wasting money on vendors who didn’t provide the highest quality products at the absolute best price. Since our list didn’t include any vendors more important to what we do, or how we protect our many investments, Walthall Oil Company was where I began. What I learned over the next few days was that I could save a few cents a gallon on any number of products, however what I learned over the following few weeks made this decision a no brainer. I had been in this position for about a month when I found myself calling Earl Kitchens at 10pm on a Saturday night. I forgot we had to have a couple hundred gallons of Nuto on site, on Sunday morning. Earl told me not to panic, and he would call me back. Earl called me back in a few minutes to let me know it would be delivered in 2 hrs. (about midnight) As it turns out my predecessor choose wisely, when he choose Walthall Oil Co., not only do they provide the proven finest line of lubes, oils and fuels in the world with their Mobil products, but the service we receive is always spot on, day, or night.

These products would sell themselves, but when combined with the service we have received from Walthall Oil Co., the professional, friendly people who are always there for us, as well as constantly working to find us the right product for every application. We are saving money, while using the finest products available anywhere and dealing with the most dependable, professional people we could ask for. This is what I say.