Jon Hall Chevrolet - Walthall Proof of Performance

Scott Bowser, Parts Manager – Jon Hall Chevrolet

How has the OEM relationship between ExxonMobil and your dealership played a positive role in your operation?
“It has allowed us to expand the choices of oil changes (good, better, best) to our customers.”

Do the OEM Point of Sale materials (co-branding) make it easier to effectively communicate with the customers about oil changes?

Have the oil program and the training provided helped to make your operations more profitable by increasing your premium product mix?
“Yes, because of the known quality of Mobil 1.”

Have your wholesale opportunities increased?
“Yes. The gain in opportunities has allowed us to have an internal wholesale sales person to educate the outside customer about the products we can provide.”

Please tell us about the service you receive from Walthall and how its (different or better) than you have received from other companies?
“On time deliveries by great drivers that deliver our pumped in product as well at our case goods. For a Dealer, prompt billing is a must in order to reconcile our inventory to the general ledger each month. No other distributor has ever come close to Walthall.”

How would you describe your business interactions with your Sales representative and their overall support?
“Myles reacts quickly to any problems that arise and processes all orders and requests in a timely manner”

How would you rate your overall experience with the ExxonMobil OEM program and Walthall Oil Company? (scale of 1-10)

Scott Bowser
Parts Manager- Jon Hall Chevrolet