Jenkins Nissan - Walthall Proof of Performance

William Sequeira, Parts & Service Manager – Jenkins Nissan of Brunswick

How has the OEM relationship between ExxonMobil and your dealership played a positive role in your operation?
“Besides the instant name recognition and all the positive that comes with Mobil and its reputation, we have been able to gross more off ‘gas/oil/grease’ which in any market is hard to do”

Do the OEM Point of Sale materials (co-branding) make it easier to effectively communicate with the customers about oil changes?
“Yes, we have been able to work with our Rep for customized material to fit our way of sales. All free of charge!”

Have the oil program and the training provided helped to make your operations more profitable by increasing your premium product mix?
“Yes. We have now been able to convert most of our regular customers to synthetic oils by using the easy to use and understand training on the positives gained using higher grade oil. Being able to use plain English helps a lot.”

Have your wholesale opportunities increased?
“You bet! Selling oil to wholesale customers was unheard of? Due to this, my return allowance through Nissan has been increased on a level we have never seen. I never thought selling oil would help my overall obsolescence.”

Please tell us about the service you receive from Walthall and how its (different or better) than you have received from other companies?
“Mr. Crisp is by far the most knowledgeable person to ever deliver our oil. I cannot say enough good things about Walthall! They know my inventory levels and store as well as I do. If I am running low or overlook something, I love how they help in any way possible. Even have had after hours and weekend service!”

How would you describe your business interactions with your Sales representative and their overall support?
“Relaxed. That is the most important thing. I have zero pressure. I can get as much or as little as I want and still receive the same best service. I consider Myles Barnett and his team friends, not just my Rep.”

How would you rate your overall experience with the ExxonMobil OEM program and Walthall Oil Company? (scale of 1-10)
“10. They provide the best service, information, and material. Their professionalism is second nature.”

William Sequeira
Parts & Service Manager- Jenkins Nissan of Brunswick