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Why Choose Fuel Pro?

Walthall Oil Company is a family business that has served customers with excellence since 1952. Our dedication to honesty and superior customer service has allowed us to remain a leader in the petroleum market. When it comes to your fleet fueling needs, trust Fuel Pro by Walthall for the same reliable products and exceptional service.


Your drivers, customers, and bottom line all appreciate convenience. Keeping your fueling operations hassle-free makes drivers’ jobs easier, allowing them to focus on serving your customers quickly, safely, and profitably.

  • Eight convenient locations across Middle Georgia and the Savannah area, open 24/7.
  • Easy-access pumps with no public access and no non-commercial traffic.
  • Fully-automated fuel management – cardlock fuel pumps provide correct fuel types, pump limits, and product restrictions for each driver/vehicle in your fleet.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions at the pump.
  • Local management and customer service at stations managed by Walthall Oil, your local choice for commercial fueling – no long phone holds or automated phone systems.
  • Fuel products including on- and off-road diesel, E-10 gasoline, and DEF*.


Whether it’s the factory floor or the open road, workplace safety is always job #1. Keep your drivers safe and reduce corporate liability at Fuel Pro cardlock fuel stations.

  • Secure, well-lighted stations offer safe service around the clock.
  • Magstripe and PIN technologies and security cameras at the pumps reduce loss and keep costs low.
  • No public access reduces foot traffic and eliminates through traffic, lessening the likelihood of a costly accident during a fuel stop


Your fleet isn’t serving your business when it’s sitting idle at a fuel stop. Keep your vehicles rolling more and sitting less with Fuel Pro.

  • High-speed pumps deliver diesel, gas, and DEF products.
  • No retail sales mean no waiting for non-commercial drivers, and no convenience store means drivers can fuel and go without waiting for open pumps.

Budget and Accountability

Fuel is the most considerable recurring cost for your fleet operations. Get the maximum value for your fuel dollar with competitive fuel pricing and maximum oversight for your expenditures with reporting services from Fuel Pro.

  • Negotiated, non-advertised pricing offers increased price stability, allowing you to budget with confidence.
  • Available fleet- and vehicle-level reporting makes accountability and fuel reconciliation simple.

Take Control of Your Fleet’s Fuel Needs.
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*Product availability varies by station, see Locations