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Your Partners In Asset Reliability

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There are many moving parts in operating a successful plant – literally. Your equipment relies on regular and frequent lubrication and cleaning to operate effectively and safely. Repairs and replacements lead to losses in actual revenue and opportunity costs.

With our in-house experts, Walthall Asset Reliability Solutions (WARS) can help keep your operations running smoothly. With WARS, you have access to industry-leading tools, technologies, and training products, as well as Walthall Oil’s expert team, who can review your operations and recommend the right solutions.

Protect Your Investment With Walthall Asset Reliability Solutions
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Keep Your Equipment Running With WARS

Walthall Oil’s Asset Reliability Team can help make the management and maintenance of your facility’s equipment more accessible and more effective. We provide products, services, and training designed to reduce equipment failures, prolong service life, and save you money on lubrication and maintenance products. We’re not just your oil and fuel provider – we’re your partners in asset reliability.

The WARS Team

With more than 100 years’ experience in the lubrication industry, the WARS team is ready to bring their expertise to your facility’s lubrication and asset reliability needs.

Ray Neno

Senior Lubrication Engineer

Karol Kunkle

Reliability Services Specialist

Wendell Quakenbush

Lubrication Engineer

Bruce Torres

Reliability Services Specialist