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TECALEMIT Fluid Management Solutions

Fuel, oil, and DEF are three of the most significant expenses for operators of diesel vehicles or equipment fleets. Walthall Oil Company is dedicated to improving your company’s operational efficiencies, and part of that dedication is leveraging the latest technologies to provide you with security and accountability at the pump.

Walthall’s bulk fuel, oil, and DEF customers can enjoy peace of mind that their fluid management is secure and streamlined. Our TECALEMIT fluid management solutions provide your drivers and operators with a quick and easy dispensing solution paired with industry-leading security and management tools that reduce overhead and maximize your bottom line.

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Why TECALEMIT Fluid Management?

With your choice of access-control options, online fluid level monitoring, and management for multiple fluids, TECALEMIT solutions streamline every aspect of your fueling and maintenance programs:

  • Streamlined fueling with easy dispensing
  • Online monitoring of fluid levels
  • Improved fluid security with PIN or key fob access control
  • Completely eliminate manual tracking of your fuel, oil, and DEF
  • Account for every drop of dispensed fluid

TECALEMIT Solutions for Your Business

Enhanced Inventory Control With TECALEMIT Wonderbox and Superbox

The keystone of any fluid management system is the fueling point. TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox and Superbox hardware offer incredible inventory control and tracking features in one single unit. PIN or key fob access control options mean that each driver’s or vehicle’s fuel, oil, or DEF usage can be tracked down to the drop.

Wonderbox systems are designed for single-hose fueling points and provide a variety of connectivity options to monitor transactions, fluid levels, and more.

Superbox systems can accommodate multiple hoses and multiple products, permitting multi-vehicle fueling points or turnkey fluid dispensing points that include gasoline, diesel, DEF, and motor oil in one accessible location.

Both systems provide tracking for up to 4,000 drivers and 4,000 vehicles, easy export of tracking data, and onboard records of the last 10,000 transactions in case the data connection fails. Available pedestal assemblies make fueling a breeze.

Maximum Convenience With a TECALEMIT Turnkey Dispensing System

When you want a turnkey fluid management solution that includes everything except the storage tank, TECALEMIT’s M1 Pro System and HDM Eco 80 Fuel Dispenser offer everything you need in one convenient package.

Powered by a Superbox fluid management system, the M1 Pro System is a two-hose solution that can dispense and track diesel and DEF at a single fueling point.

The M1 is equipped with TECALEMIT’s Hornet pumps, which deliver flow rates of 22 gpm (diesel) and ten gpm (DEF).

When you only need a single-hose dispensing solution, the HDM Eco 80 provides the same functionality as the M1, powered by a TECALEMIT Wonderbox. The Eco 80 is available in both diesel and DEF versions, both equipped with Hornet pumps.

Unmatched Accountability With MYTECALEMIT

When you choose to integrate your fuel management system with TECALEMIT’s cloud-based platform, you gain the power to manage your fuel and other fluids from anywhere in the world! With MYTECALEMIT, you’ll see improvements in:

  • Accessibility: Access your fuel management platform any time, anywhere, from any internet-connected device.
  • Security: All data on the MYTECALEMIT platform is encrypted end-to-end to ensure that your records remain secure.
  • Collaboration: Are you managing multiple sites? Do you need to work with other departments on fuel management? Multiple users can easily collaborate on management tasks.
  • Disaster Recovery: Your records are securely backed up in the cloud. If something happens to your local records, you can recover quickly and easily.

Getting Started Is Easy

When you’re ready to implement TECALEMIT solutions for your fluid management needs, follow the link below and complete our “Request a Quote” form. One of our dispensing system experts will then conduct an on-site consultation to learn about your fleet and fluid tracking needs.

We’ll then prepare a detailed quote for a fully customized fluid management and dispensing solution that will keep your tanks full safely, securely, and with minimum hassle.

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