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Trucking Fuel Delivery & Lube Solutions

Trucking companies need a reliable fuel and lubricants supplier to keep trucks on the road. Walthall Oil Company is your partner in reliability! Our team is experienced in providing wholesale fuel and lube solutions to trucking companies throughout Georgia and the Southeast. We provide more than just fuel to keep your trucks running – we provide solutions to maximize your efficiency and products that can extend the life of your fleet.

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How Walthall Oil Serves the Trucking Industry

Walthall Oil Company has served trucking companies for decades with high-quality fuel, lubricants, and other products. We specialize in timely fuel deliveries and creating customized fueling solutions for your trucking company – whether it’s on-site fueling solutions or reliability services to extend the life of your trucks.

Advantages to Choosing Walthall Oil

Timely & Reliable Service

Trucking companies are always on the move and cannot afford gaps in fuel deliveries. Walthall Oil has built a strong reputation for providing timely and reliable fuel deliveries to our trucking customers, no matter the size of your fleet. We even offer emergency fuel delivery services, so your trucks and on-site tanks will never empty.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Your trucking company needs are unique, and your fuel solutions should be, too! Walthall Oil Company does more than just provide fuel and lubricant products to keep your trucks running. We create custom solutions to keep you operating at maximum efficiency and productivity to reduce unscheduled downtime and the total cost of ownership.

Our Team Values Relationships

Walthall Oil is your trusted partner in reliability. While we specialize in reliability solutions for trucking companies, we’re known for our emphasis on relationships. We get to know your team and your equipment, building a strong relationship with your business that lasts a lifetime.

Testimonials from Our Trucking Customers

I like that Walthall Oil Company always ensures we have what we need every week. I don't have to call and ask where my fuel or DEF is; it’s always on time every week. Choosing Walthall Oil has saved us time and money. I had a few friends speak highly of this company, and they did not let me down. Our salesman is awesome. He is always very professional and does what he says he will do. He calls and checks on me weekly to ensure we have what we need.

CVL Customer

The customer service we’ve experienced with Walthall Oil is better than any other vendor we deal with. Our sales representative is always here for us and provides great solutions. He explains each product in layman’s terms with help from ExxonMobil Engineers so that everyone knows exactly what we're getting and why. Walthall supplies us with fuel, lubricants, and DEF monitoring so we never run out of product. They’re always on the top of their game — it’s the best service we've ever had.

CVL Customer

The delivery drivers are very professional, and I can always count on my order coming on time and keeping us stocked with products to sell. Doing business with Walthall has made managing my shop much easier because I no longer have to stress about when and where my next delivery will come from.

CVL Customer

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