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After nearly 40 years of providing unmatched wholesale fueling solutions to the Middle Georgia area, Walthall Oil entered retail fueling. We opened our first store in 1989 after identifying a need in the area for a reliable hometown chain. This gave us a direct way to invest in the local community by creating jobs and offering a quality service.

These days, we’re the only locally-owned chain in Macon, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality gas and service available. We’re not a big box national entity with thousands of locations to manage. Walthall currently operates 6 locations to the highest standards of cleanliness, service, and efficiency.

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Why Choose Walthall Gas Stations?

If you live in Middle Georgia, Walthall is your hometown gas station. We make it a point use local vendors for everything from marketing and banking to food and beverage suppliers. At Walthall stores, we invest locally to source as many products and services as possible. What you can expect at each of our locations:

  • Brightly Lit Interiors
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Competitive Prices
  • Great Service
  • Product Consistency

Walthall gas stations are designed to meet the needs of every type of shopper. We have a wide variety of products for our regulars who shop there frequently, and our stations are easy to get in and out of for families on the go and trucks needing to get back on the highway. We also carry other amenities that you can benefit from, including ATM machines, the Georgia Lottery, and free air for your tires at most of our locations. When you choose to shop locally at a Walthall gas station, you’ll benefit from higher quality fuel, multiple fueling options, and great products and promotions.

Higher Quality Fuel

Contrary to what some people think, all fuel is not created equal. Our stores are Chevron and Exxon branded, which provide drivers with fuel additives that lead to better fuel economy and engine protection that contribute to a longer, healthier life for your car. Although it may not be as cheap as the gasoline available at the grocery store, higher quality gas with additives is worth it in the long run. When you fill up at a Walthall gas station, you’re not only taking better care of your car, you’re supporting the local community as well.

Multiple Fueling Options

Walthall gas stations offer multiple fueling options to precisely meet our customers’ needs. These options include diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), kerosene, off-road diesel, and REC-90. Two of our stores carry non-ethanol for boats, equipment with small engines, and antique cars.

Products & Promotions

A large percentage of the products we carry are from local and regional manufacturers, such as Striplings Jerky and Hardy Farms Peanuts. Some of our locations also carry nationwide favorites like Hunt Brothers Pizza – feel free to call ahead so your order is hot, fresh, and ready when you get there! We’ve always got great promotions going on throughout our stores. Our current promotions include:

  • Buy Two 12 oz. Red Bulls for just $5.33
  • Hunt Brothers Pizza – Buy 1 Hunk a’ Pizza (slice) for 2.89 or buy 2 for 5.49
  • Hunt Brothers Pizza – Buy 1 whole pizza for 9.99 or get 2 for 18.99

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