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Mobil Diesel Efficient Advanced Fuel Engineered to Improve the Health of Your Engine

What is Mobil Diesel Efficient?

This next-generation diesel fuel is additized at the terminal with a multi-functional, patented detergent additive. It is the only diesel fuel from a major oil company with an independently tested quantified fuel economy claim. Mobil Diesel Efficient is designed to keep clean and clean up fuel injectors, helping to reduce fuel consumption, improve engine performance, and lower emissions.

Mobil Diesel Efficient can also help:

  • Protect against fuel system corrosion
  • Guard against internal injector sticking
  • Improve power
  • Increase engine responsiveness
  • Prevent premature fuel filter plugging
  • Reduce emissions

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Mobil Diesel Efficient Sell Sheets

Mobil Diesel Efficient Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

How is Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel different from standard diesel fuels?

  • Cleans and keeps clean internal injector and nozzle deposits
  • Improves your diesel engine health
  • Treated with a patented additive
  • Starts working as soon as you begin using

Why Mobil Diesel Efficient*

Improved injector cleanlinessMaintain optimal fuel system performance to improve engine power and responsiveness while helping to prevent premature injector failure.
Improved fuel economyAverage of 2% better fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases (2% lower CO₂ and 11% lower NOx emissions).
“Keep clean” performanceHelps prevent the accumulation of internal and external injector deposits to deliver improved fuel system performance and lower maintenance costs
Corrosion protectionProtect critical fuel system components.
Improved fuel filter filterabilityAvoid premature fuel filter plugging in thermally aged fuels or biodiesel with high monoglycerides.

*Applies to Diesel Efficient-branded fuel compared to diesel fuel without detergent additive. Actual benefits and fuel economy will vary depending on factors such as vehicle/engine type, engine conditions, driving style, and diesel fuel previously used.

Walthall Oil Company, an authorized reseller of Mobil Diesel Efficient, also offers supportive, value-added services. We’ll work with you to ensure an on-time, efficient delivery process. No matter your fueling needs, our team will create customized solutions to keep your business running.

Our value-added services for diesel customers include inventory management through wireless tank monitoring and providing tanks and equipment. We provide on-site fueling, tank rentals, and on-site fuel truck leasing opportunities for customers with wholesale needs. Our capabilities to purchase products from various suppliers at terminals throughout the Southeast ensures that we can keep your business fueled even during emergencies.