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Walthall Oil Company is committed to helping customers maximize productivity and manage fuel assets. Part of this commitment is connecting our customers with the latest technology to provide security and accountability at your fuel pump.

FluidSecure provides a seamless interface to tank monitoring systems and is the next generation of fluid and fuel management. By using smartphones and cloud technologies, FluidSecure offers everything that a traditional fluid security system does, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Fuel Pump Security!
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How Does FluidSecure Work?

FluidSecure has three main components to give you complete control of your fuel pump.

Optional Hub

The FluidSecure Hub is a pedestal with a 10” tablet requiring a power connection. The tablet is securely installed inside a free-standing pedestal with a built-in cover, fan, and heater to withstand all weather conditions. The Hub controls up to four hoses and links, and it’s ideal for locations where drivers may not have a smartphone. You can also add modules to interface with cards, key fobs, or RFID.