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About Our Reliability Solutions

Walthall Oil Company is more than just a fuel and lubricant supplier; we’re your partner who works to boost your equipment’s reliability, safety, and quality.

Our reliability services can:

  • Improve your productivity
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership

Our expert team has a wide range of experience in evaluating a plant’s current lubrication and reliability strategies, developing detailed plans for improving overall plant reliability and helping companies implement those plans to see all the benefits of a turnkey reliability program.

We Want to Be Your Partners in Reliability

With our extensive experience in fuel and oil supply, the WARS team realizes that plant and facility operators need more than just a supply of affordable fuel and lubrication products. You need an asset reliability partner to merge top-quality products, effective management plans, and training into a complete, reliable plant maintenance program.

We recruited ExxonMobil engineers with more than 20 years of experience to help us develop and launch Walthall Asset Reliability Solutions (WARS), a collection of products and services designed to protect your facility’s equipment from the wear and tear of regular use. WARS saves you money on lubricants, repairs, and replacements – and helps prevent downtime.

With WARS, customers enjoy:

  • An onsite consultation that will identify potential savings, areas of concern, and training opportunities for your staff.
  • A selection of products from industry-leading providers and services.
  • Lubricant training programs to ensure your team understands their role in your reliability program.
  • Lubricant analysis services to monitor system health and identify issues before they can lead to failures and downtime.
  • Ongoing reporting to keep you informed on potential improvements, equipment recommendations, and training needs.
  • Walthall’s top-tier service, tailored to fit your company’s needs and designed with one goal – to identify and implement the most cost-effective reliability solutions to keep your operations on track.

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WARS Reliability Services