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As we enter 2022, the Walthall Oil team is approaching our work with extra excitement and celebrating our 70th anniversary! Over the last 7 decades, we’ve experienced expansive growth for our team, dedication to our customers, and service to our communities and we’d like to take this time to reflect on the growing changes we’ve made over the last 70 years.

Going Back to the Start

In 1952, Frank Walthall Jr. had a vision to fuel the people of middle Georgia. He bought into Thames Oil Company and Thames & Walthall Oil Company was born. A few years later, in 1961, he bought Thames’ share of the company for it to become solely Walthall Oil Company. His son, Frank Walthall III, started learning everything about the business during the summers at an early age of 9. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1979, he came to work full-time with only 9 employees and was promoted to President of the company in 1985. Building off an unmatched commitment to his team and community, Frank III steadily grew the local company, and paved the way for Walthall Oil to not only make a name for itself but to extend its capabilities throughout our region and beyond.

Frank III’s successful management practices established Walthall Oil as an industry leader, valued partner, and reliable resource for customers in many different industries.

Modern-Day Milestones

Every day in business, our grandfather remained committed to his community, customers, team, and work. He passed his values along to our father, and although things have changed since those founding years, we prioritize the same values instilled in us.

Our commitments have opened doors for Walthall Oil within our community and beyond. We have achieved milestones involving acquisitions, expansions, and fresh beginnings in new markets throughout the Southeast. We entered the retail gas station space by purchasing two stores in 1989 and today we own and operate 6 stores across Middle Georgia.

Companies We’ve Acquired

  • Stephens Oil Company in Macon, GA in 1993
    • With this acquisition, we also purchased 3 retail gas stations to continue to grow our retail footprint in Middle Georgia
  • Royal Petroleum in Camilla, GA in 2004
  • Florida Petroleum in Jacksonville, FL in 2012
  • Lakeside Petroleum in Milledgeville, GA in 2019
  • Kunkle Oil Company in Newberry, SC in 2019
  • Davis Oil Company in Perry, GA in 2020
  • Osan Petroleum in Macon, GA in 2022
  • Barrett Oil Company in Savannah, GA in 2022

In 2004, we opened an office and warehouse from scratch in Atlanta, GA. What first operated with one office and one truck has since become our largest producing facility under the leadership of Shawn Heacox, who serves as Vice President of our Atlanta division today.


Keeping it in the Family

Just like Frank III started learning the business at an early age from his father, his 3 children followed in his same footsteps by working at the company during the summer months growing up. Fast forward to today— we’re proud to be in the third generation of our family business with Frank Walthall III as our CEO and Matt Rhodes, who we consider a member of our family, as President. Malcolm Walthall serves as Vice President of Information Systems, Wesley Walthall serves as Vice President of Sales, and Allison Walthall Powell serves as Vice President of Marketing & Branding.

Growing Alongside Our Customers

When Walthall Oil began back in 1952, our grandfather and his team operated by pen and paper, like so many other companies did at the time. Everything was handwritten, from bookkeeping to fuel ticketing.

While some oil companies still handle business by putting pen to paper, Walthall Oil has steadily strengthened its services through industry-leading technology and innovative practices. We’ve integrated many technological advancements over the years, expanding services and improving operations for the benefit of our customers.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

As we reflect on the success of these past 70 years, Walthall Oil is proud of our impact throughout the state of Georgia, northern Florida and southern South Carolina. Since 1952, we have:

  • Created great job opportunities for our 180+ employees
  • Provided exceptional products
  • Delivered trustworthy services
  • Utilized leading technologies

And we’re not stopping anytime soon. The team at Walthall Oil is looking toward the future as we plan for continued growth and expansion. We will remain a trusted partner within our community, incorporating the next generation of technology and providing customers with even more efficient services.

Thank you for relying on Walthall Oil these past 70 years. Our family is so grateful for your trust in us, and we look forward to serving you for 70 more!

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