Energy efficiency is critical to advancing productivity in today’s competitive industry.  Businesses that are investing in the development of sustainable initiatives are not only becoming more efficient in their daily operations, but are also improving their bottom line profit margin.

Untitled-1In the industrial sector, many plants are securing energy efficiency gains by improving operational performance of equipment.  These gains are realized through the use of high quality lubricating oils and greases offered by ExxonMobil. After a thorough testing process, it has been found that upgrading from standard mineral gear oil to a synthetic oil product can increase equipment efficiency, with a corresponding operating temperature drop.  This improvement in operation provides an annual savings, a reduced carbon footprint, reduced thermal stress on the equipment, and extended lubricating oil life.  These benefits have a direct impact on energy consumption.

With an ExxonMobil Distributor partnership, customers have access to industrial lubricant training with a focus on quality control and product integrity.  Having the right product for the right application is a core component of enhancing energy efficiency which can help boost output, reduce operational downtime, and improve safety.  Developing an energy efficient strategy today is a good investment for the future.

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