Fuel Tank RentalsFor customers desiring on-site fueling capabilities Walthall Oil Company can provide the solution with our fuel tank rentals or loaned fuel tanks, depending on the gallons of fuel required for the job. Whether you need a tank for a short-term or long-term jobsite, we can customize an equipment program to meet the demands of your business and save you money. Fuel tank rentals or loaned fuel tanks give you flexibility, provides you a secure and reliable fuel source, keeps your equipment running and saves you time.

Our tanks range in size from 500-12,000 gallons and we work with you to determine the appropriate size based on application and usage. We also have several pumps available ranging from 110v electric pumps, 12v pumps and high speed gas engine pumps. All of our equipment meets the latest environmental regulations for secondary containment.

Walthall Oil Company understands the importance of keeping your equipment running. We install and manage wireless tank monitoring as a value-added service to our wholesale customers. Our dispatchers view these monitors regularly to provide a proactive way of ensuring our customers will not run out of fuel and to prevent unscheduled downtime.

Our dedicated and proven approach with the best equipment setups through our on-site fuel tank rentals, loaned tanks for fuel, lubricants, and DEF allows us to be an industry leader in servicing all of our customers’ needs. Through our customer commitment and responsiveness to industry requirements we have the capability to enhance your business and offer you a convenient and cost savings product solution.