What is Mobil Diesel Efficient?

This next generation diesel fuel is additized at the terminal with a multi-functional, patented detergent additive. It is the only diesel fuel from a major oil company with an independently tested quantified fuel economy claim. Mobil Diesel Efficient is designed to clean up fuel injectors (and keep them clean), reduce fuel consumption, improve engine performance, and lower emissions. Mobil Diesel Efficient can also help:

  1. Protect against fuel system corrosion
  2. Guard against internal injector sticking
  3. Improve power
  4. Increase engine responsiveness
  5. Prevent premature fuel filter plugging

See How Mobile Diesel Efficient Works

Why Choose Mobil Diesel Efficient?

Improved injector cleanliness Maintain optimal fuel system performance to improve engine power and responsiveness while helping to prevent premature injector failure.
Improved fuel economy Average of 2% better fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases (2% lower CO₂ and 11% lower NOx emissions).
“Keep clean” performance Helps prevent accumulation of internal and external injector deposits to deliver improved fuel system performance and lower maintenance costs.
Corrosion protection Protect critical fuel system components.
Improved fuel filter filterability Avoid premature fuel filter plugging in thermally aged fuels or biodiesel with high monoglycerides.
Improved cold weather operability Winter package is fully formulated with a cold flow improver to offer extra protection against cold weather.

Learn more about the benefits of using Mobil Diesel Efficient and choosing Walthall Oil as your ExxonMobil authorized reseller here.