Atlanta Diesel SupplierWalthall Oil Company is the premier Atlanta diesel supplier. Strategically located 2 miles from the Doraville Fuel Terminal, we are able to supply diesel fuel to customers in Atlanta and the surrounding area. The Doraville Fuel Terminal is the largest fuel distribution hub in the southeast. Walthall Oil Company’s close proximity to the terminal allows us to provide best in class service with competitive pricing. We specialize in providing custom fueling solutions through on-site fuel tanks with wireless tank monitors to handle both on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel needs of a variety of industries including construction, mining, trucking and manufacturing.

At Walthall Oil Company, we understand that to be the best Atlanta diesel supplier, we must create value for our customers. Industries are frustrated when other distributors allow them to run out of diesel fuel costing them valuable time and money. Our three main goals in supplying diesel fuel products are to: Increase productivity, eliminate unscheduled downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

In 2004 Walthall Oil Company made a decision to bring the same customer driven philosophy to the Atlanta area market place that has been practiced in middle Georgia for over 60 years, since 1952.  With a humble and determined start we opened a warehouse and added a delivery truck, a trailer and a fuel truck. And with those tools, the Atlanta Division was born.

Today, Walthall Oil Company’s Atlanta Division utilizes industry-leading equipment and technology to provide diesel fuel to our customers not only in Atlanta, but also throughout the state. In addition to being the Atlanta diesel supplier of choice, we are also able to leverage the support from our other locations throughout Georgia to keep your business fueled at all times. Contact us today so that we can be your Atlanta diesel supplier!