While the majority of plant engineers admit to resorting to reactive maintenance procedures, a promising trend reports the number of facility professionals implementing proactive maintenance procedures is on the rise.  The long term effects of preventative care are paying off with reduced instances of unscheduled downtime, enhanced safety, and greater cost effectiveness.

One of the most cost-effective places to start is with a comprehensive oil analysis.  By testing the condition of lubricants currently in use, companies can identify contamination and wear before they reach critical costly levels.  This will minimize unscheduled maintenance and help with extending the life of equipment.  Both of these benefits keep facilities up and running and contribute to substantial savings.

ExxonMobil and Walthall Oil Company will work with industrial operators to enhance understanding of the value of proactive maintenance and will work with maintenance professionals to customize and implement a preventative action plan.

Oil Analysis - Proactive MaintenaceWalthall is committed to helping companies be safer, more productive, and more aware of environmental care practices. By implementing proactive maintenance procedures through Signum Oil Analysis, you can enhance:

  • Safety – through long oil drain intervals and strong component protection, which can reduce the need for employee-equipment interaction
  • Environmental care – through reduced waste due to long lubricant and equipment life
  • Productivity – through improved maintenance planning, which can help avoid unplanned equipment downtime

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