Walthall Oil Company has partnered with ExxonMobil in order to provide the highest quality greases for clients in a broad range of industries including:

  • Energy
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Mining/Off-Highway
  • Construction
  • Primary Metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Process
Our experts will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the appropriate grease lubricant for your application. We offer deliveries ranging from 10-packs of cartridges, pails, and

kegs, to drums, totes, and bulk greases. In addition to providing Mobil-branded grease, our clients benefit from the value-added services we can provide such as plant reliability surveys and lubrication training.

Why Choose Mobil Grease?

When it comes to your equipment, trust Mobil-branded, high-technology greases to:

  • Help protect your equipment
  • Provide long re-lubrication intervals
  • Enable problem-free operation

Mobil’s smart, high-technology greases offer controlled release of lubricating oil, knowing just the right amount to release for extended protection. They stay exactly where they’re needed, making them easier to use while helping control maintenance and replacement costs. Available in broad range of NLGI grades and base fluid viscosities, Mobil-branded grease is the smart choice.

Food Grade Grease

Walthall Oil Company is a full-line distributor for Mobil, JAX, and Petro-Canada to serve the food industry and offer over 200 USDA authorized products listed under FDA 21 CFR for incidental food contact.

Contact Walthall Oil Company for Grease Solutions

We invite you to choose our most convenient location and call us today to discuss your grease needs.

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