High-performance gear oil

Mobilgear 600 XP Series oils are formulated to stay ahead of the changing needs of gearbox technology by providing extra protection for gears, bearings and seals. They have outstanding extreme-pressure characteristics and load-carrying properties.

The Mobilgear 600 XP Series is intended for use in all types of enclosed-gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. These lubricants exceed the industry requirement for bearing wear protection, providing up to 15 times the wear protection as measured by the industry standard.

Mobilgear 600 XP Series products offer the following features and potential benefits:

  • Less gear and bearing wear resulting in less unexpected downtime
  • Up to 22% improvement in bearing life reducing bearing replacement costs and improving productivity
  • Improved bearing life resulting in higher productivity
  • Reduced leakage, oil consumption and contamination ingress helping to reduce maintenance, extend gearbox reliability and higher productivity
  • Helps extend lubricant life with lower lubricant and lubrication costs and reduced scheduled downtime.
  • Cleaner systems and reduced maintenance
  • Fewer grades of lubricant required because of wide range of application, leading to lower purchase and storage costs and less danger of using wrong lubricant
  • Excellent protection of machine parts, with reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Effective lubrication and problem free operation in the presence of water contamination or in equipment prone to oil foaming

Mobilgear 600 XP lubricants are used in a wide range applications:

  • Industrial gearing for conveyers, agitators, dryers, extruders, fans, mixers, presses, pulpers, pumps (including oil well pumps), screens, extruders and other heavy duty applications
  • Marine gearing including main propulsion, centrifuges, deck machinery such as winches, windlasses, cranes, turning gears, pumps, elevators and rudder carriers
  • Non-gear applications include shaft couplings, screws and heavily loaded plain and rolling contact bearings operating at slow speeds.