Reliability Services

Walthall Oil Company is more than just a fuel and lubricant supplier, but also a partner who works to boost your equipment’s reliability, safety, and quality. Our reliability services can increase your productivity, boost equipment uptime, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Des-Case Breathers

Walthall Oil Company proudly provides Des-Case desiccant breathers as part of our reliability service offerings. Des-Case desiccant breathers protect your machinery’s lubricants from harmful moisture and contamination that cause costly downtime and repairs.

Desiccant breathers replace the standard breather or dust cap on your equipment and create a specialized layered filtration system designed to remove even the smallest particles and contaminants. No matter your breather needs, Des-Case has the right size and features to fit any environment or application.


Walthall Oil offers Perma’s single-point lubrication system to our customers, one of the most widely used systems worldwide. Perma’s strong reputation for providing safe, effective, and economical solutions for automatic lubrication make their products a must-have to improve your equipment’s reliability.

When using Perma’s lubrication system, you can:

  • Prevent up to 55% of roller bearing failures
  • Reduce service costs by up to 25%
  • Reduce the risk of accidents by up to 90%


Walthall Oil Company, through ExxonMobil, is proud to partner with Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) to offer expensive reliability services to our clients. RIG is composed of the global leaders in pre-commission services and reliability and industrial plant maintenance services. RIG offers the expertise and cutting-edge services you need to protect your equipment, reduce total cost of ownership, and keep your projects on budget.

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