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Mobil™ Products for Manufacturing Customers

Manufacturing plants rely on critical equipment to get the job done efficiently. Equipment downtime is not an option, and that’s why Walthall Oil Company and Mobil™ provide high-quality solutions and products to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Walthall Oil Company and Mobil have built a reputation of excellence through decades of providing manufacturers with high-quality products. We’re solution-driven, meaning we create customized reliability solutions.

Mobil SHC™

Mobil SHC synthetic lubricants offer long oil life and can extend equipment life, creating less waste and potential energy savings while helping increase worker safety by minimizing potentially hazardous maintenance.

Productivity Pointers


The right grease can help you cut maintenance costs and equipment repair and replacement. And by helping keep equipment running, the right grease can boost operational productivity for your manufacturing plant.

Productivity Pointers